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Start-Ups and Business booster

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Business Development and Sales are always tough tasks to accomplish.

Soon you realize the most difficult steps are the very first, especially when you start up.

We are conscious of that and we can land precious help.


There are some basic things you want to have control of:

  • The realistic market you can win over a well-defined time span.

  • The pricing policy; neither you want to waste market shares, nor to waste profits too.

  • You do not want distributors to achieve new business with uncontrolled discounts policies.

  • You want to profile your competitors on the ground and decide how to react.

  • You want to deal with professional and reliable business partners.

  • You want to deal with senior executives who become sales ambassadors of your brand, in person.

We have the seniority and the expertise to deliver the above at a very convenient cost. Our offer is fully modular and we can customize our cooperation according to your specific needs and technical requirements.

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