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Our mission is to put you in contact with your target customers and to achieve sales figures in the most valuable B2B industry sector.

Are you facing a challenge in a new market or country, or have you got to launch a new range of products?  We can help you to succeed,  from lead generation to orders.

We specialize in B2B sales management in the following fields:

  • ​Electronic components, industrial grade

  • HMI Interface devices

  • Optoelectronic sensors experts

  • Battery experts

  • Power management devices (Power efficiency)

  • Connectors experts 

Our HQ is in Milan (Lombardy), with 3 International airports; an ideal place to reach the most valuable industrialized areas of Europe and the EMEA region.

We assist you with senior managers only. We do not seek easy tasks. We love to proactively listen and work with you, we never follow "standard procedures". We reserve all of our customers a tailor-made service specific to their needs.

Our Services

Our Servuces
Market assessment

Focussed market scouting & partner selection 

  • Potential customers within your industry sector​

  • Specific for your products

  • Specific for your market channel

Sales leads generation

To buy a database does not generate business.

We can:

  • Identify market players

  • Decision makers

  • Fix one to one meetings

  • Win new customers

  • Manage custom project commissioning.

Business plan making

We're conscious that sales always require fine tuning.

In order to make your initiative more profitable, stable and consistant. 


YOU need YOUR SPECIFIC Business Plan.

Sales management

Your business can't be managed by a... "call centre".

The more your products are complex, hi-tech the more they require people capable to  manage it, from the technical side up to the final negotiation.

Start-Up and boosters

Sales always represents a tough job to accomplish.


You are costantly monitored with numbers and they are not supposed to decrease. 


We are conscious of that and can land a precius help.

Competitor's profiling

We all know what sales guys are used to say:

"Competitor's prices were too low".

Nothing could be more irritating that this; too late to react.........

We always track data to provide intelligence information management


"I have been in charge of finding possible partners and contacts for many British companies.
I've seen these managers taking on a task and changing the figures of a company from zero to a complete start up"

Giuseppe Dott. Caruso

Commercial Attachè at British Consulate MIlano 


Privacy Policy re: GDPR

This website is operated by ABJ Service (hereafter “we” or “us”). This Privacy Policy describes, how we, as controller in accordance with the GDPR – process your personal data in connection with this website.

By sending us your data you consciously endorse us to use your data and references to pursue a reliable and ethic communication with you.

Find more at PRIVACY on the main menu.

Ready to find out more?

Time to market is money, you are welcome to contact us for a preliminary chat, we will be glad to deepen all the subjects,  

issues and questions you might need to clear.

Feel free to register or to contact us, we will address you to the manager in charge of your specific market of reference.

He/She, will collect your queries and will drive you to the most effective approach strategy or, you can schedule a one to one meeting in order to get to know one each other in person.

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